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Flat roofing Toronto

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Hire Professional Flat Roofing Experts in Toronto

Flat Roofing Repairs in Toronto and GTAIf your roof is moldy or leaking, it’s time to consider getting it fixed. There are plenty of roofing companies in Toronto you can hire for the job, but Megapolis Roofing is an expert in this industry.


Roofs come in as many shapes as the houses they cover, so don’t expect all roofing companies in Toronto to handle your type of roof. We specialize in flat roof works so we know for sure what exactly needs to be done.

Flat Roof Repair and Maintenance Services

  • Emergency Flat Roof Repair
  • Commercial Roofing
  • Roof Hatches & Penetrations
  • HVAC and Exhaust Curbs
  • Tall Cone Roof Flashing
  • Flash & Metal Covering
  • Modified Bitumen Roofing 2ply
  • TPO Roofing Systems
  • BUR Roofing Systems
  • EPDM Roofing Systems
  • Drains &Eavestroughs
  • Pitch & Pocket Seals

Roofing Tips

Save Money By Choosing The Right Flat Roof

Save Money By Choosing The Right Flat Roof

If you're looking to replace or repair your actual flat roof, there are a few things to be taken into account first. The initial cost may be an important factor, but you shouldn't let that be the deciding one. Every company you'll contact is going to praise their products while criticizing the competition's way of doing things. Don't go for a roread more
Buying New Building? Use It's Roof As a Negotiating Tool!

Buying New Building? Use It's Roof As a Negotiating Tool!

If you're searching to buy an industrial or commercial building, you have to examine the state of its flat roof and use it as a negotiation tool. One of the major replaceable parts of a building is the flat roof, but it’s also one of the most expensive to replace, reaching up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the square footage. read more


  • Two ply – Modiflex / Torchflex SBS.
  • Modiflex and Torchflex are high performance modified bitumen roofing and waterproofing systems that are quickly installed, easy to maintain, and highly cost efficient
  • Asphalt Kettle – an asphalt container used for “hot mopping” in roofing industry.
  • Asphalt Primer – Liquid asphalt that improves adhesion and prepares the surface for an asphalt course.
  • Bitumen – natural or manufactured cementitious sub-stances. Mostly found in petroleum asphalts and coal tars.
  • BUR Roofing Systems – Built-up Roofing System, a multi-ply roof membrane that consists of fabrics, coated felts, saturated felts, plies with additional bitumen layers added in between.
  • Drain – an outlet that directs water flow from the roof

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